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Why Choose Us?

Established in 1997, Peshwai's has been a source of the finest ingredients, goodies and a variety of products that Indians away from the subcontinent are nostalgic for and crave. 

With an ever-increasing population of Indians in Singapore, Peshwai's in 2023, stands strong as a supplier of original and exquisite products, supported by an island-wide distribution network. 

With exclusive sourcing, an unwavering passion for festivals and direct customer relations, Peshwai's has become a landmark for all Indian cuisine lovers, specifically to Maharashtrians, Jains, Gujaratis, Bengalis, Kannadigas with specialty items such as sweets, munchies and lots more. 

Peshwai's imports directly from India, just in time for each festival without ever finding the need to leave Singapore. Our product range is continuously increasing with the discovery of the finest quality items from all over the country.

About Us

Yateen & Sayali Datar


Peshwai's - a Singapore grown brand is an outcome of over two decades of experience in sourcing need based, hygienic, top quality, ethnic food products. 

It is the dedication, persistence and passion of Yateen and Sayali Datar, that has turned Peshwai's from a small home-based startup into a direct supply-chain distribution network all over Singapore. 

Many of its popular products are being rapidly absorbed in the market since its incorporation in 1997. Today, Peshwai's has moved to a flagship retail store in Singapore's infamous Little India. 

"Peshwai's collection of good quality food & snack items, has been a good source for our family for years. We appreciate the specialty items which are unique & fresh."

Atish Mody & Family

"The name 'Peshwai's' & 'Reliability' goes hand in hand here in Singapore. Mr. Yateen Datar is super quality-conscious when it comes to product offerings. Peshwai's specializes in unique homegrown products needed by the Indian community in Singapore and thus making it a preferred place to go for products. In recent years, the scope of supply has further expanded to special product offers from Gujarat, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Karnataka and many other states making a nice blend and variety as one stop shop. Peshwai’s partnership with local retailers gives consumers much easier access to these products in their respective neighborhoods'

Wish all the best to Mr. & Mrs. Datar and all humble staff members of Peshwai's. Please continue creating great customer experience. We love you for what you do with core values, honesty, great determination and promptness in service. This is what makes you unique and makes Peshwai's stand tall in the business for over past two decades."  

Sachin Ganjapurkar

“Thanks to Peshwai’s, our family has permanently dropped the ritual of paying extra baggage allowance to carry genuine and top quality Indian grocery and food products into Singapore. Our requirements for all such top quality products, from various regions in India, are met brilliantly by the extensive range of products available at Peshwai’s. 

We were amazed when they actually included some of our specific requirements into their regular list. That’s Peshwai’s, a Genuine, Personalized and Customer centric experience for you.”

Bipin Karnik & Family